DNA and Genealogy

In the last decade, DNA and genetic genealogy research has become a major resource for genealogists. DNA testing can help answer questions that the paper trail cannot. But DNA testing on its own can’t do that; the test itself is only meaningful if done in connection with paper genealogy research, and if you have genetic relatives who have also tested. 

There are a lot of great resources out there to learn about DNA and genetic genealogy. I have learned a lot from the experts like CeCe Moore, ISOGG, the DNA Newbie mailing list, and others. I’ve also tested over a dozen close and distant family members, and have spent the last several years learning how to interpret these results, and see what they have to say about my close and distant relatives. 

I would offer a caveat – DNA testing can tell you things about your family that might be unpleasant. Hidden adoptions, paternal or maternal infidelity, even being switched at birth – all these and more have been revealed through DNA tests. So just be warned that these things can and do occur. I know, as I’ve found some of them in my own family. 

If you’re interested to see what DNA and genealogy together can do for you, send me an email or research request. I’ll be happy to review your question and offer any advice I have.