No generation is an island.
We are all linked to those who came before.

Whether we know it or not, we are all products of the generations that preceded us. Therefore, to truly understand ourselves, we need to know who came before us. Who are "our people", the ones that helped make us who we are? The Generations Welder can help you discover the links to your past and help you feel connected to them.

Who is The Generations Welder?

Our services.


Already done some research? Great! Brand new to family history? Not a problem! We’ll start where you’re at right now.


Then we scour available sources for new records and information about your family.


All records found are analyzed for new data about your family.


The results of the research and analysis are compiled in a research report, along with recommendations for future research.

What does research look like?

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What people are saying about The Generations Welder:

“Thank you for all of your help. It has jarred my world, and for that, I am forever grateful to you.”
“Wow! Wow wow wow…that is seriously awesome stuff! Thank you so so very much. It’s nice to have a little history on where I came from.”
“Thanks for doing this for me! I REALLY appreciate it!”
“The Generations Welder…found the actual pictures of the ships that my Grandpa sailed on to come to the U.S. I was even given a little map of where Grandpa lived until he left Sweden. I was also given some further information and really treasure all of it.”
“I have worked with Brandt Gibson both as a work colleague and a fellow genealogist. He practices solid methodology with an eye for detail. I have reached out to him for a ‘second set of eyes’ in my personal research and trust his judgement and insight. I’m proud to work in the field with him and would highly recommend his services.” -Elsie H.



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